35th European Conference and Convention of Narcotics Anonymous - Zürich, Switzerland - 19th to 21st July 2019

ECCNA35 Switzerland

35th European Conference And Convention of Narcotics Anonymous
Together Free
19th to 21st July 2019
Platzspitz Park, Zurich

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You are willing to do service at the ECCNA? Please tell us when and what, and we will contact you soon. Thanks for your willingness.


  • Tasks: Register new visitors, check in pregregistered people, welcome people with a warm smile

  • Skills: Experienced with computers, speak english fluently, work fast, being happy and easy


  • Tasks: Serve food and beverages at the counter, prepare food in the kitchen

  • Skills: Be kind, stay calm even if it is hectic


  • Tasks: Sell merchandise to visitors

  • Skills: Like to work with people, remembering the assortment with prices


  • Two main Tasks: Information/Security (lead people to the right places, check for badges, watch over equipment) and Cleaning (empty trashcans, keep the park and toilets tidy)

  • Skills: Be kind


  • Tasks: Take care of the marathon meeting, ensure it’s a closed meeting. If something happens, alert the Programm committee.

  • Skills: Be kind

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